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I like to use the Instant Sequence option in parts of my music, however, I wanted to find out if there is a way to change the Color options from RGBW to RBW instead?



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The only color options are the ones in the color drop down list. Unfortunately there is not a RBW option. The best you can do is choose Red for one of the TCM and assign it to one or more ribbons, choose Blue for one of the TCM and assign it to one or more ribbons, and choose White for one of the TCM and assign it to one or more ribbons.

You assign the TCM in the section labeled "Ribbon Assignments to TCM (Theme, Color, Movement)"

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Best option I can think of is to launch the Layout dialog box and set Ribbon Length to "Half" and it will split your CCR in half. On the screen it will be two rows, but when you export it you can still play it to one CCR that is in a line.

You can do 3 rows, but its takes some extra work. You can create a visualization that has a CCR split into 3 pieces. Save that visualization with a name like CCR_in_3_rows.lee. The create another visualization with one CCR in a line and save it with a name like CCR_in_a_line.lee

Launch SuperStar and click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization Pair".

Set "CCR_in_3_rows.lee" as you "Row" visualization

Set "CCR_in_a_line.lee" as your "Real" visualization.

Set "Use Real Visualization while applying standard effects"

Click on "Import Visualization Pair"

In the Import Visualization dialog box, set the Sequencing Grid "Max Length" to 25.

Click on "Ok"

SuperStar will use the Row visualization to create the sequencing rows, and it will use the "Real" visualization to sequence with.

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Hey Brian,

A nice feature to add to the drop down boxes here would be a DIY for eg. Instead of RGBW maybe you could modify it to say rgby (yellow) I went threw and manually changed white to yellow to suit with my other non pixel lights. Looks awesome much like the colour sweeps that other programs can do.

Thanks for all your dedication to this product

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