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Here are some answers to some questions people have asked.

Q: When is it?
A: The sale is in April.

Q: When in April?
A: We don't know. It's in April.

Q: How long will it last?
A: Again, we don't know. One would assume it would last at least a day. Maybe 3 days. Maybe a week. We just don't know.

Q: How much is going to cost?
A: Again, we don't know. Dan hasn't said. Dan doesn't even know.

Q: Did they have a sale last year?
A: Now that you mention it, they did!

Q: Okay, so what were the prices last year?
A: Don't know. I forget. It doesn't matter anyway. If we remembered, and posted the price, and it turns out to be higher this year ... someone might get upset.

Q: Will there be another sale?
A: Probably not. Dan has said these will be the lowest prices of the season.

Q: The price is going up then?
A: Possibly. Dan's said in the past that some parts they use have gone up by 35%. That doesn't mean everything will go up by that much.

Q: What will the new prices be?
A: I'll bet you know what I'm going to say here. If not ... "We don't know yet. Dan doesn't know yet. Just have to wait and see."

Q: If I am going to buy one controller, is it worth waiting for the sale?
A: That's up to you. If you want it *right now* and you don't mind spending an extra dollar or two, don't wait for the sale, buy it now. If you are going to buy two or more, then go ahead and wait. You have my personal guarantee (which is worth nothing, by the way) you will be happy with the sale prices.

Q: What about the software?
A: I don't recall the software being on sale last year. (Not that last year matters.)

Q: I've heard the software will be more expensive after the sale. Should I buy now?
A: Yes, the software could be going up. You might consider buying the software now. Read this ENTIRE THREAD to see what Dan is willing to do.

Q: If I buy now, will Dan honor the sale price, and refund me the difference?
A: No. Dan does not want to do this. If you want the sale price, wait until the sale.

Q: In April, during the sale, can we buy the starter kit and a controller (on sale) and still get the LOR II free? [Question/Answer for lkcubsrule]
A: Per Dan, this will depend on timing. If LOR II is already out then the question is moot. If LOR II is not out then yes anyone that has LOR software will get LOR II free when it comes out. It does not matter when you purchase the software.

Q: When is LOR II coming out then?
A: LOR II will be out when it's finished. We do not know when that will be. (Dan doesn't even know yet. He may have an idea, but I doubt he is ready to give any information. Please, don't ask him.)

To summarize ... We know the sale is in April. We do not know anything else. Period. Not prices, not how long .. nothing.

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Don, Thanks for the list....

Everyone, I am sorry we are being so vague. I simply do not know what the exact specifics of the sale are going to be. Only that I am going to have one. The only reason I mentioned that we were going to have a sale is to give people a heads up!

We will be getting stock back in the store soon, I didn't want people to rush and buy stuff and then find out a few weeks later that there was a sale.... I know I hate it when it happens to me... I also do not want to start any program where is honor sale prices on previous purchases or the such.

As soon as we know the specifics we will post them but that most likely will not be until March.

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Dan, as this will be my first purchase of LOR from you this year. I just want to say thank you for being an honest man. The fact that you even announced a heads up just goes to show what type of man you really are. I can even remember calling you back in September and was very pleased with how you answered my questions. Just from all the compliments I have heard from everyone else here on PC I cant wait to become part of the LOR family.

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