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Can't fool the kids....


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Tonight as I walked with my children in downtown Newberg Trick-R-Treating I received a heart warming insight into the world of children.....


You decide who I was trying to be.....











My Goal was to be Mr. Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty.....  But, I couldn't fool the town's children.  Everywhere I walked I heard, "Look Mom!  It's SANTA!!!"  That's what happens when your wife suggests you save money and buy a wig and beard I could use for two seasons.  I even had one 4 year old tug on my pant leg, I crouched down to her level and she looked me in the eye and said my names Sarah... what's your name.  "Si Robertson" I replied...  "No it's not, she said."  Then I understood.  To her, I was Santa in plain clothes... camouflaged though they might be, I was still Santa.......  I think I really need to get the rest of the suit....  I really enjoyed the response of the children... 

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Every Christmas, a full size Santa figure has stood in my glass front door. Every Halloween, kids approach. Then the eyes go wide and they say, "This is Santa's house! "

This year adults kept asking if I was doing the lights again. Cool hobby/obsession.

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