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My small change is not as small as I thought


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I added (ordered a kit that hasn't gotten here yet, then I have to build it) another controller, just 16 channels right? Well I also decided to change my mega tree from 3 colors of 8 channels each to 4 (Red, white, blue + green) of 8 channels each and 7 items of 4 colors each and 4 separate yard ornaments. Which is completely different than last years concept. I am having to start over on my sequences and am hoping some one will have at least some beats or tempos to get me started in 64 channels of some on these songs or similar songs. I am not asking for anyone to create sequences for me, but if you use any of these songs with 64 channels with similar setup please help if you can.


David Foster Carol of the bells
Brenda Lee Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Mitch Miller Sleigh Ride
The Christmas Shoes Newsong (no other artist will do for this one)
Tom Hanks Hot Chocolate (no other artist will do for this one)
Wizards in Winter TSO (I know, but it's my wifes favorite)
A Mad Russians Christmas TSO
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo TSO
Christmas with a Capital "C" Go Fish (no other artist will do for this one)
Space Odessy intro
Mary Did You Know Clay Aiken (no other artist will do for this one)
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Elmo & Patsy
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHristmas Johnny Mathis
Linus (Charlie Brown) What Christmas is all About
Little Drummer Boy Most any Traditional Version
Carol of the Bells
It's a Holly Jolly Cristmas
It's the Most Wonderfull Time of the Year
Jingle Bells
Mele Kalilimaka
Music Box Dancer
Where are you Christmas
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Hey Michael,

I have a couple of the sequences you are lookin for.

I also have a spare or two controllers you can borrow if need be.



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Ok, well I the decision to go from 46 to 64 channels. Then without much thought I bought another controller and will now have 80 channels. If anyone uses four colors on most everything could you share some sequences I can modify to my house. I would also very much appreciate some mega tree sequences. It will be 12 channels each of 4 colors so it is 48 channels. The full lights sequences I like at posted in this topic or like traditional songs. As for the mega tree I would like to run it without sound after the show is over until twilight, so just cool effects are all I am wanting.


Any help is most appreciated!


If anyone needs 48 channel sequences I do have some, but most are my first year (last year) sequencing, but they are a start if you are behind as I am. I don't have the hardware for my mega tree yet, I don't have all my icicles or lights for my windows and bushes.



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I am using Red, White & Blue + Green and I am looking for the color changing effects like you see in the Holdman vids. No, I do not and don't expect my display to look near as good as the Holdman home.



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