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Had a brainstorm and tried this out. Works great. Just an old bike rim (I used 26 inch for this one, next will be 20 inch, lots of sizes to choose from) a couple dollars worth of PVC pipe and 12 self tapping screws. The stack and store wonderfully! I had a little plastic paper roller I used for the top but any type or lid or doo-hickey (technical term for the day) could be used. I actually cut a round chunk of 2x4 fist then thought of this. I squirted a little silicon seal around the inside of the top just to make it a little stonger. This has a lot of potential, very light weight and stable. Stackable. Lots of sizes. I've never seen this before, just wondering if anyone else had tried it? My scres went in the down facing spoke holes, no drilling required! I wrapped it with 300 clear mini-lights but will redo for next year with warm white LEDs.




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