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Nutcracker Tutorial Friday, Oct 25th. 7pm MST, 9pm EST


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What: Nutcracker Tutorial:

When: Friday, Oct 25th. 7pm MST (Denver Time) . 9pm EST, 6pm PST


NOTE!!! This week only the tutorial will be Friday night NOT Thursday. I have a prior engagement tonight.



Since we did not get the Oct 10th tutorial to record with sound, friday night we will cover 3 things

1) Introduction to xlights/nutcracker. This will be a repeat of the Oct 10th tutorial. If you have never used xlights/nutcracker, this first part is for you

2) Palettes and how to set up Christmas and Halloween colors

3) Release of version 3.2.3 with new Single Strand effects for arches.



we will also go over how to share xlight sequences with other people.



We will be using teamviewer. Ill start session at 6:45pm MST


Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link:


Meeting ID: m93-271-823


If you have a headphone click on the "Voice over IP" on the Teamviewer menu and unmute your headphone to be able to ask questions.



After my teamviewer fills up (We can have 25 viewers) we are setting up a second teamviewer for the overflow.

Dave Pitts will be hosting this second teamview.


If you cannot get into the first teamviewer then join this second session


Meeting ID: m30-917-736





Tutorials and latest releases are found on the releases page




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I love the new single strand effect. It will make my CCR arch work so much easier. Thanks for all the work everyone involved with development and Sean for creating tutorials!

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