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Visualizer HELP!


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Hello all! 


Please help!  I have done an awesome design layout in the Visualizer and now only a handful of props are showing up when I run from the SE.  This is not my first time using the visualizer and I know all of my settings are correct in both the Visualizer and the SE.  To double check I went back through the help file and everything is checked and configured correctly.


I cannot figure out why only two props show up.  The channel configurations in the SE and Visualizer are both correct. I did create the visualizer first, then the SE, but all of the names and channel configurations are exact.  I went into the SE and turned all the channels on and I can still only get two props to show up.  


Is this something to do with the background/foreground?  There is NO difference between the settings of the props that are showing on the visualizer from those not showing from what I can tell.


I am attaching pictures to prove I am not crazy.  The first picture: The box on the left is from the SE and the one on the right is from the visualizer.  This prop does not show on the visualizer. 


Second picture: Same as above, only this prop DOES show on the visualizer. 


Please HELP!!!



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