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South City Lights: EDM Death Machine


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So it *IS* you!  I loved your work with Deadmau5 and this is even better.  I like the cleanliness and simplicity of your design and they way you play with color and darkness.  Absolutely fantastic and brilliant.


Did I mention I really like it?   My brother and I stood outside in amazement with that same feeling we had the first time we watched the Wizards in Winter video on youtube...


Love your style.  Keep up the great work.

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This is the best LOR sequencing I have ever seen.   


PLEASE tell us about the setup!  I am especially curious on how you swept the floodlights. 

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My set up is pretty simple.  I use 6 36 watt DMX controller RGB wash lights to illuminate the house.  Those are the lights you see sweeping back and forth. The lights in the windows are 10 Watt DMX controlled floods I bought from Ray Wu.  Everything else is controlled with LOR AC controllers.  I did a lot of research on the wash lights.  Typical RBG lights don't create that great of an effect because they have hot spots and dissipate too much.  The lights I use have very narrow beams (I think 15*).  Typical flood lights have a beam angle of 45* or more.  If you have more questions, PM me and I'll give you more info and also provide you with more info.  I'm glad you enjoyed the show.

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