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Need to have wireless enabled while running E1.31 on wired


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Hi Guys,

Well I was not worried about this till now. I will need to have my wireless network enabled along with the wired network controlling the E1.31 devices. I plan to use LogMeIn to test from the front yard. Also plan to let a little girl down the street (My biggest fan) to start the show on the first year.


I am thinking if I put one adapter on say 192.168.1.xxx and the other adapter on 192.168.2.xxx that the computer will be able to keep the two different types of traffic on the correct network (adapter). Anyone else doing this and is this how to do it or what has worked for you?




Worse comes to worse. Looks like I will just have to rig it up.

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Max...if you go into the properties for the Ethernet port you are using and go to ipv4 properties click advanced and change the metric to 1 (that is what I use, I have heard others use 5) this should direct your e1.31 traffic to that connection. I have a similar post in a different thread.


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dgtlpro, thanks for your information. Ya, I did go and read the earlier thread and seems that it worked for that guy too. I think I understand that I need to start this with the wireless turned off. Then I need to communicate with the controller to set the route or path in the computers network registers. Once I have communicated with the controller. I can turn back on the wireless adapter. Is this sort of the sequence of events that have to happen to make this work along with setting the wired network's adapter to a metric of "1".


Thanks for your time dgtlpro.

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Ok, what was that about setting up a route? I think I need to select unicast over multicast, right? Right now I think I am still in multicast configuration, the default configuration.

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