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Trouble using MP3 showtime director

Tim Storey

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I have five songs in my Halloween show. I got all five to play using my laptop to run the show.


When I try to load the show on my SD card to use my 1602W w/MP3 showtime director, I get a message that the sequence doesn't exist or that the music file is a wav not an MP3.


So, I checked all the audio. Every song is an MP3. I checked the songs to the end of the sequence. Good. I resaved the sequence, overwriting the old one. I ran these same sequences last year, same audio.


Here's the difference. I upgraded to S3. I'm on a new computer. I had saved the audio to my network drive, but I copied all songs to my new laptop that I'm running LOR from.  I have already been through the saves where you get the message that you are running them on an upgraded system and the may not work on the old system.


I've tried loading the SD card from Simple Show Builder, and Hardware Utility ----->LOR MP3. 


Any suggestions?

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Got the answer. Thanks Don! I had two different directories on my new laptop, one that I copied from the old laptop and the other that I created on my new computer. I was getting the audio saved to the right directory, but when I went to save the sequence, it was saving it to the other directory, which did not have the correct audio file.

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