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Can a LOR-1602mp3 function just as a 1602

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I'm new, last year I bought a LOR1602MP3 not knowing that I could not run my CCR's ( 12 of them )  off this while using a mp3 card. I now know I need to buy a couple more controllers for this year and run it off my pc. My question is instead of trying to sell or return my MP3 can I just use it as a LOR1602 next to a couple other 1602's being run off a pc? This would just keep everything a bit more simple than trying to get rid of the MP3. Thanks in advance everyone.



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The 1602MP3, with the high speed network would be able to support 12 CCR's.


That said, if memory serves me correctly, you could put the 1602MP3 as the last controller in line, (and no SD card inserted) and use it as a regular controller. I would test it first to make sure, but I think it's possible.

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Don, would you say then that the 1602MP3 would be able to support 12CCR's in standalone then?


I'd be very, very surprised if it can't.


I'll find out with the rest of you when I go live this year. Will have at least 10 CCB strands connected to one. And that's just based on last years numbers. I think that display is going to expand this year.

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