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Multiple Kewords for Visualization Import

Ron Boyd

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I read somewhere that we can use multiple keywords in the comment section. How would I arrange the comments for using a DMX universe and also have the sequencing row start at row 1 and column 1


dmx=1,1 superstar row=1 column=1


Would this be the way to do it?




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That is the proper way to do it, however it doesn't work. Turns out that the code I wrote to handle the DMX stuff works independent of the code that handles the row,column stuff and the DMX strings don't get placed properly.

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superstar dmx=1,1 row=1 column=1

Brian, just to let you know, the way this worked for me last year is the way I eluded to. I know you said it didn't work, but, it actually did for me last year. Maybe it will and maybe it won't every time, but it worked for me.

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