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Hi fellas.  I just bought a Light-O-Rama controller on Wednesday and I need to get it going by this weekend for a Halloween bash.  Who wants to help a brother out!?




j/k - I picked up a 16-channel starter kit about a month ago and have been playing with some basic sequences using an animated face, both recycled from Ultrashows and home-cooked.  A buddy turned me on to Papagayo and Bob-O's conversion utility to help with the mouth animation.  After some sluggish starts and mis-steps, I think I've got some of the basics down.  Or at least if feels like enough for this year, but I can already feel the bug biting for more channels, more lights, more versatility, more.


I've got a party on November 2nd, and I think I'm in pretty good shape, light-wise.  About 20 minutes of music over 5 songs, but I might try to get one more song in there over the next 2 weeks.  I've always thought Genesis's Home by the Sea or Mama had nice creepy feels to them, and I haven't yet seen those sequences floating around.  I don't really have any pressing questions, as I've found the Showtime software quite intuitive and well documented.  This seems like a great support network, and I look forward to picking folks' brains as I start to know just how much I don't know.


I'm going to try running the show this year from a mini-Director, which should be arriving tomorrow.  Anything I need to know about that, or does the Show Editor just push LMS and MP3 files to an SD card and handle paths accordingly?  I've run the show from a laptop (actually, one attempt on a Windows 7 machine that kept having "automation errors" and then another successful attempt on a Win XP machine - I might try to dig in to that one after I've been here for awhile!), so I think all of the sequences are sound; I just want to be able to box up the director with the controller and have a single "on" button for this go-around.


Anyway, thanks for reading.  Good to be here.


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