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I don't know how this is possible.

Strangest proplem I have encountered in a while. I believe this is my hardware problem but it only happens when running LOR visualizer in active mode. Maybe someone has a clue

With the sequence editor running a sequence and the visualizer screen is launched (on the second screen) but not active the sound from the computer is great.

However if I activate the visualizer the sound almost instantly deteriorates and starts to include noticeable snaps and pops along with the music. Deactivate the visualizer and the sound cleans up.


Another strangeness, if I lower the size of the background image for the visualizer the proplem dissipates.


Curiouser I was running a test on my show schedule from 530 to 1030pm and left the visualizer active all night.

Got up this AM and computer time was now off by a couple of hours and thats no way to run a show.


Had the same issue with earlier versions of LOR. Thats why I believe it may be something in my hardware


lor 3.10.12

windows xp pro sp3

sigma tel audio

dual hd monitors


Thanks for any input



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I found when I had a setup like yours I needed to keep the Visualizer window (background size) pretty small and make sure all the play options in Sequencer (like channel button colors, move grid, etc.) were off.  Otherwise, your computer can't keep up.  (I now have a much faster computer, so it now keeps up just fine). Try shrinking the Visualizer file and make sure all the play options are off as much as possible.

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