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Convert Red Flood to RGB Flood


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I have sequences that use Standard 150 watt Red  and Green Floods. I have build 10 RGB floods that I want to use as replacements for the Standard floods.


Here's what I would like to do:

add the RBG tracks at the bottom of the sequence.

Copy the Red flood track and past it to RGB track.

Copy the Green flood track and past it to different RGB track.

I would like to change the Red color to Orange and the Green color to purple. 

Is there a tool to change the value of a color in a single track?


Any third party conversion utilities??





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There is a way to do it.    You can paste the red incan flood row into both the red and blue rows of the RGB pixel.  This gives you the same amount of red & blue.   If you want to reduce the blue to get a different purple, select the intensity tool then use the foreground effects button at the top.  Then select the entire blue row.  This will change the intensity of all on events to new lower intensity which changes your purple.



https://vimeo.com/73771030    foreground effects

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