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Prop is not showing in Visualizer


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Must be doing something wrong.  But, what?


Running V3.8.0, Advanced.


In Visualizer, I created a three props using the Tree Wizard.  The first 2 are showing up in the Visualizer when running a test sequence, but the third tree (prop) is not showing.  They are assigned the same channels (Unit 01, Channels 1-4).


When creating the Prop via the Tree Wizard:

Base = 50; Top = 5; Height = 100

Type of tree = 360

First Bundle Location = Left

Type of Channel Bundles = Strings Edge to Center

Number of Bundles / Fixtures = 4

Density = 3

"Create a new fixture for every bundle.  (Recommended)" -- chosen


On the Prop Properties, tab = 2-Fixture Properties

General:  Not locked.  Level = 1 (Background)

Bulb Size = 1; Spacing = 0; Shape = Round, 1.


On the Prop Properties, I'm running the Channel Wizard in tab #3.

Step 1:  Normal <Next>

Step 2:  New <Next>

Step 3:  Number of Repeating Channels per Fixture:  4;  1=Red; 2=Green; 3=Blue; 4=White.  <Next>

Step 4:  Device Type : Light-O-Rama Controller; Addressing Mode = Normal (1-512)  <Next>

Step 5:  Automatically use next unit; checked: Use the same channels on every fixture of this prop  <Next>

Step 6:  Network: Regular.  Unit: 01; Circuit 1  <Ok>


What am I doing wrong?


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