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Sequencing. Am I doing this right (and/or missing something)?

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I'm a noob working on my first sequence for next year and have a question. I'm changing the intensity at certain places -- fading to 50% here, 25% there, different intensities for different lights, etc.

First question - In order to do that I have to go to Tools, Tool Options, and change it there each time, right? It's not a HUGE hassle doing it that way. Just making sure I'm not making more work for myself than necessary.

Second, more important, question - If I click on an event already sequenced to see what the fade or light intensity is set at, I'm not finding where it tells. I thought maybe it would tell if I opened "Tool Options" while clicked on that event. But the Tool Options just reflects the most recently set levels. Am I missing something or does this belong in one of the "requested features" threads.

AMAZING product! In real life I run an ad agency (and teach a coupla related college classes). So every once in awhile I'll produce a TV spot just to show "the kids" I still got it. In those cases I sit back and tell somebody else what I want certain effects to do. Looking over their shoulders those programs seem pretty complex. But I haven't found anything I wanted to do with LOR yet that I couldn't figure out, and the program is fast and intuitive. Nicely done!

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First Answer: Anytime you want to change your fade levels, or intensities, you have to change it. One little quick shortcut is to click the ? icon at the end of the third taskbar.

Second Answer: Select the cell you want information about. (Make sure you are using the "Select" tool.) Then click on VIEW->Cell Info and it will tell you everything about that single cell.

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