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Visualizer not demoing the show


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Probably something stupid I'm doing, but starting to panic that my visualizer is not displaying the results of my sequence editor.  What did I forget?


Hit "Play" on Visualizer.

Hit "Play" on Sequence Editor (musical sequence)

Sequence Editor: Made sure that Play > Control Visualizer is checked ON

Visualizer:  Made sure that File > Options > Com/Ref is set to "Local" and Port "3030".


I'm playing a sequence from 2012 with the visualizer, just to make sure I have all my "pieces" working.  And the Visualizer is not working with my Sequence Editor.  The background shows only (gray, no picture).



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Just closed and re-opened Visualizer, and getting this pop-up message:


LOR Visualizer-Port Error

The previously assigned network adaptor no longer exists on this system.

LOR Visualizer found another adapter and will attempt to use it instead.

Please check the settings page to make any needed changes.


What is this?!

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Nevermind.  It appears that every time I open the Visualizer, the "Port Number" value is being truncated by one digit.


Originally set to "30303".  Then it was changed to "3030" somehow (see original post).  Then the close/reopen of the Visualizer showed it to be "303".


So, changed it back to 30303, and it's simulating just fine now.  So, consider this issue closed.  But, if you know why I'm getting the above error, I'm interested to hear.



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I'm having a similar issue. It literally just stopped working after months of working just fine. I checked the Port Number per above and mine seems to be ok there. Don't know what happneded. I must have done something but can't figure out what

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