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FREE bases for mini-tree cages...no more nuisance trips!


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I had an "aha" moment the other day while planning my setup for the season and can't believe I didn't think of it sooner.  I run an HVAC company & throughout the summer we wind up with an abundance of used poly a/c pads.  These are the square or rectangular pieces that sit under an outdoor air conditioning condenser.  Whenever we change out a unit, we put down a new pad.  Last year I rounded up several of these things and re-purposed them as bases underneath my trash cans, gas grill, etc and found that they are so much easier to trim around when doing lawn work.  Now, I've decided to use them as sub-bases for my mini trees in the display & think it's going to work out spectacularly.  The trees will be elevated from the ground by about 2"-3" and I can screw the cages down with clamps and zip screw to prevent tipping.  Logic says nuisance GFI trips will be a thing of the past as well, but with it being my first year with them, that remains to be seen.  I know it's probably too late to be of much use to most of you this year as a/c season has already passed, but it may be worth a trip to visit your local HVAC guy in anticipation of next season.  Some coffee and doughnuts might go a long way towards securing a pile of these things for your own use next year.  Hopefully, someone will find this useful.  I've certainly received my share of tips on these forums and would love to pay it forward.

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