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Meeting in Sacramento


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Hi All,


We are meeting again at the Round Table Pizza in Old Sac Friday Oct 18th.  We start around 6pm.   Many of you said you were going to pile on this time and we look forward to it.   Everyone from Newbie to Expert is welcome.



  • Yourself and anyone that is interested in the addition.
  • Questions if you have any.  Some of us may have answers for you
  • Answers if you have any. Some of us may have questions for you
  • Ideas you would like to share or even just vet with others to possibly solve a few nagging issue in construction or hardware or software... or some such.
  • Items for show and tell if you want.  (I will be brining some of my excess parts this time in case any of you have unfufilled hardware needs).
  • Anything new you would like to show us.
  • Pictures or videos or links that you would like to share or show off or ask questions about (see above)
  • Some conversation!  We had a great time the last two times with lots of chat and Q & As.  
  • Some food money if you are hungry.  It is BYOP  (Buy Your Own Pizza)

Last two meeting were productive for me personally and I think all that came.


This was all started by Ken Benedict, Thank you Ken.


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I waas great to see everyone i cant believe how much i was able to see. Im cant wait to get my new set up going. Thanks to all who talked to me and gave me great ideas. Thanks guys...

We are glad you came.  I hope you took away something that will help.   It was good to meet you and I hope you come to the next one.. bring questions!  :)

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As soon as I loadin a dance show, I'll head over there with my Show-and-Tell: LOR's new RGB 10 watt floodlight.


Not as cool as Craig's custom icicles, but hey, this is my busy season.

I like that little flood light.. I am still seeing spots!   LOL    They don't look that small in the pictures.. Clean little package..

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I had a great time even though my train was delayed 2 hours in Davis going home. Now if I can only remember all the good ideas I heard (but didn't write down)!

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Great meeting especially with the newcomers.


Next meeting is Friday, November 15; same place at Round Table Pizza in Old Sacramento at 6:00pm.


Anyone is welcome; bring show and tell if you have something portable.

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Sorry you missed it but only a few showed up.

Before the meeting, we watched the big light show in Old Sacramento (part of it was LOR driven).

See: http://oldsacramento.com/special-events/theatre-of-lights

or: http://www.sacramentotoday.net/news/templates/community.asp?articleid=3600&zoneid=1

Pictures here:http://sacramentopress.com/2010/11/26/old-sacramentos-theatre-of-lights-sparkles/

Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6BOb6EpToE


New visitor Mike and his wife is a LOR user in Fair Oaks who wants to move to RGB LEDs next year so we discussed his house layout and where strips would work and how to make them and where other dumb-type LEDs would work as well.

Although not yet ready for smart pixels, we worked out a migration plan and he seemed to be happy.


Next meeting works out to be Friday, January 17 at 6:00pm at Round Table Pizza in Old Sacramento again.


Looking forward to hearing about all the display stories, successes and problems.


Have a good New year.

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Next meeting is at Round Table Pizza in Old Sacramento at 6:00pm: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/27760-has-anyone-used-these-dc-dc-converters/?p=263124


There's been a fair amount of interest to attend, but some would like Saturday evening, so how about the next meeting being on Saturday, February 15th?


Right after Valentines Day, you could take your sweetie to Old Sacramento for a day of shopping and top it off with an elegant (?) evening of pizza and drink.

January's meeting still on Friday, the 17th tho.

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I'll be bringing some RGB hardware, including the LOR 10 watt RGB floodlight and the LOR CMB24-D controller for Show and Tell.


If there's any interest in the TinyPix pixel controller, the LOR iDMX-1000, or the LOR InputPup, I can bring them too.


And I'll probably bring one of the double wide RGB strips for people who want to wash long walls or columns without using a RGB floodlight.

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So Ken,


In one of these threads you kidded about me bringing the ball... still thinking about it...  I would need a small generator though..


I will be bringing pieces and parts for sale... I am cleaning out extra stuff.. so if anyone is looking for "stuff"


We really should have a swap meet..

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