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"This is Halloween" Sequence

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I have another sequence for my 200 CCP spider web. It is "This is Halloween" from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas."


Note: On my computer, when I try to play the youtube video using Internet Explorer it crashes the browser.

If I play it from Firefox it works fine. Anyone else have problems playing the video?



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Yes I used SuperStar to create the sequence. For others to use the sequences you can buy the spider web from me and I mark on the spider web where to put the lights. Then you can purchase the sequence and play it to the spider web. Here is a close up picture of how the CCPs are zip tied to the spider web.

Seeing as how Halloween is right around the corner, it is too late to do this for this year, but it is something that could be done next Halloween.


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You say to use a 16ft web and the smallest size on your site is 20ft! Also the 2 sequences you have for sale say they are for 4 CCR's not CCP's!


ps......are you using the thick web or the standard version?

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To get the CCP strings to fit the web I had to make a special web that is a little bit smaller than the 20 ft web. The webs are made from the thick rope and are treated to glow under a black light as well.

Eventually I will have a place on www.superstarlights.com and www.spiderwebman.net to buy the lighted webs, I haven't done so yet due to other priorities. The people that bought one this year emailed me and I emailed a PayPal invoice back.

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