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Living Christmas Tree for Church Choir

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I have a 24 ft tall and 20ft wide living Christmas tree that hold 60 choir members and I used 10 LOR controllers with 30 thousand mini lights to create a fantastic Christmas show. If you would like to purchase it or you know of a church that could use one then please contact me at rxr2050@yahoo.com or call 479-968-5864 for more details. This tree cost 25,000 with all the greenery and lights but I will sell it for only $5000`

This tree has only been used 4 times during its life.

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Well sir, I must say,  you have been a "member" here since Jan 11, 2012 and made only two post's.  You now have  about $13,500 dollars worth of stuff to sell.   The controllers are not new, sir, they are at least 3 years old.  You got them in 2009 per you.

   I called you out on this in your other thread about the controllers and said I did not trust you.  Who are you and why do you think we are not the sharpest tool in the shed?

     If I am wrong, I am sorry, but this sounds way to familiar to a different screen  name.


   Since I am a honest person, I would have been pis#$%^ about somebody calling me out like that.  But you sir were not!


        Off my rant for the day,   Thanks for visiting.

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