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LOR + E682 + NutCracker


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I am running LOR hardware and software (to run my show) and will be adding 1200 RGB pixels via SanDevices E682 running Unicast.


My question is, after I create my sequence (for the RGB pixels) with NutCracker (and converted the .xseq to LOR), how do I change the channel configuration (3600 channels) so it can talk to my E682?


Thank you,



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There is a lot you left out to get help here. Is your computer setup to connect to the 682? Have you been in the LOR network section and setup the DMX channels? Did you update the firmware on the 682 to a user friendly display? Did you set the ip address on the 682? Have you reviewed the manual for the 682.  Understand I am not a pro at this and its my first years running a 682.


Once you export and open it up copy all of the sequence and paste where you want it on your sequence you are working on. You may have to do a little at a time as I don't know what your specs of your computer. Hope this helps.



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Hi Jeff, and thank you for responding to my post.


I got help from Jim at SanDevices, as well as itsmebobo.  They both were so patient in helping me with this.


The last problem I had, was I forgot to setup the DMX channels within the LOR Network Preferences.  I originally only setup 1 Universe, and failed to setup the other 7 Universes.


It is now up and running!



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