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Flourescent Security Lights on after Show


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I have flourescent flood lights for security that LOR turns on at the end of the show. I want to be able to turn on my incandescent radio tune to sign at 50%, but while the flourescent lights are on, LOR will not allow any intensity settings or fading on other channels. Any other channels with a fade or intesity will come on at 100%. The weird thing is the flourescents on are LOR board "EE" and the radio sign is on LOR board "DA". Plus, they are both hooked into separate, dedicated circuits. How can a flourescent light on one board prevent fading on another board? I would like to fade lights on board "DA", but it seems I have to choose between flourescent lights or fading. Any ideas?

(I went with flourescent lights so I can have five 150 watt flourescent floods and use the same amount of power as one floodlight.)

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Rather than the flourescent being the problem. As an experiment why not you try just an incandescent bulb in the place of the flourescent.

I would find it hard to believe that the flourescent is causing the problem. This would also help to figure out where the problem truely is located.

Chuck Moore

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I will try this. I did discover that only 3 of the 5 flourescents were causing the problem. That is, I tested a fade and one flourescent at a time. 3 caused the "100% on" error, 2 did not. I will get a regular flood and try your suggestion tomorrow.

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I did the test, and it does appear to be the flourescent bulbs. I looped a 0 to 35% fade on the radio sign. With the flourescent on, the radio sign was on 100% until the fade hit 0, at which point the radio sign went off. If I unscrewed the flourescent, the radio sign would pick up the fade pattern immediately. Screwing in an incandescent flood had NO effect, but putting the flourescent back in caused the 100% problem again. Everything operates as expected until the flourescent bulb goes on.

I thought it might be daisy chain related (like everything downstream of the flourescent), but it doesn't appear so. Here is the setup:

USB485 port 1 --> DA (radio sign on DA)
USB485 port 2--> EA -->EB -->EC -->B0 -->ED --> B1 --> EE

I tested each flourescent individually:

Flourescent on board EA has NO effect on radio sign
Flourescent on board EC has NO effect on radio sign
Flourescent #1 on board ED causes "100% on" error
Flourescent #2 on board ED causes "100% on" error
Flourescent #1 on board EE causes "100% on" error
Flourescent #2 on board EE causes "100% on" error

The other unusual piece is the geography. All the flourescents on board ED and EE are in the right segement of the yard lighting the graveyard. The flourescents on EA and EC are on the opposite side lighting only the left portion of the house. I'm sure this doesn't have anything to do with it.
EA - Left floods
EB - Left rope spider web
EC - left pumpkin patch
B0 - left bushes
ED - right graveyard floods 1
B1 - right bushes
EE - right graveyard 2
DA - roof

Could this be some weird phase issue? Every board has both legs (1-8, 9-16) plugged into one dedicated outlet. The only exception is board DA (the radio sign board), which has each leg in a separate dedicated outlet due to a total board amperage of 21 amps.

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