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Bad CTB16PCg3?


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I just received my CTB unit and it is not working correctly. I can not get the Hardware Utility to communicate to the unit. The unit does have a flashing green light on it. I did install the newer version of the driver for the USB485 adapter that I am using with the LOR box prior to connecting the USB adapter to my computer. I have replaced the Cat5 cable, I have also confirmed the com port number to make sure it was lower that 16. I can manually assign a the correct com port for the USB adapter (by using control panel to verify port being used by the adapter) however the utility does not find the controller on the network.


I decided to just load up a show and run it using the LOR control panel. That does actually operate the lights, however they just flash randomly with not specific pattern and certainly not as programed.  A light could flash then go 5 minutes before flashing again.


I am beginning to think the LOR controller is bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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