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E682 and outputs in use. 4x firmware


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Hey all,

I finally got my new 682 running, and found I needed 3 null pixels in the line for a run that was 60ft away from the box.

Now I'm having trouble understanding the new 4x firmware. There is a section "Outputs in Use" so for output "1" I could put 0-4, does that mean if I put 4, it's connectors 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4?

If so, why when I set it to 4 (which I will eventually have once fully setup), when I do that, the 1 strand that I do actually have connected at 1-1, the null pixels go bananas. If I set the outputs in use back to just 1, since I'm only plugged in on 1-1 for now, the 3 null pixels go blank (as they should) and the strip goes back to normal test mode.

It's confusing? Further down the line where you set your null pixels, I just put "3" in the "Null Pixels" section under box "1".

Is this normal operation? Just want to make sure I have it all right before I connect the rest of it up.


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