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Novice need some help with a few sequences


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Our family has been attending a event called Indian Creek Halloween Walk for 10 or so years. It is a camp ground where all the camp sites are decorated for Halloween and they allow the public to walk through on Friday and Saturday nights. We had camped in the non decorated section when the kids where young and had some friends that where in the decorated section. About 4 years ago our friends talked us into reserving in the decorated section and we have had a blast. There was one friend JS that loved to do this and any holiday she went all out. So for a few years there was 7 families that all camped next to each other and JS always wanted one of the group win the decorating contest. We have come close but not pulled it off yet. JS had pancreatic cancer and she has passed away. Our group has decided to try to win it this year and have been working on projects for a month or so.

We have just acuired 2-16 channel LOR controllers and tonight built a 8'x8' wire frame for a 7 or 8 channel pumpkin face to outline with rope lights that will be here tomorrow. We also have a bunch of lighted coro tombstones we have made along with spot lights.

Would anyone have any sequences they would be willing to share that would work in this setup with out a bunch of changes? Would love to have some good rock, southern rock like Live and let Die, Wooly Swamp and also some Halloween classics. Really open to anything because this takes place the 18th & 19th if they reopen open Mark Twain Lake from the government shutdown today.


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