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quick LED question


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Greetings, I  have 100 Smart WS2811 Modules (HolidayCoro) Which  I made  into  2 strings of 50 each because the   package  recommends no more than 50 in  an  end to  end   ling. My  question is  this: I  would   like  to  do  is   run the   2 strands  across a   foyer, along the  side of  my  garage and  then across the  eves of  the  garage. I  have just   1 Tinypix controller to  control these  lights.   I  would like  to   have  different effects for the  section that   runs along the  side of  the   garage.  I have thought  about   splitting the output side of the  controller  with a   waterproof "T" and  connecting the   2 strands  but  wouldn't that  make  the   2 strand  channels 1-150?

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