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I have a question: I am interfacing a servodog controller with my 16 channel LOR controller.  I already have a sequence file for the LOR controller.  How do I add the Servodog channels as part of the same routine?  I have 10 singling pumpkins and want to ad a talking skull.  I have interfaced the skull with the computer and it functions as expected.  Now I want to add the movement of the skull with audio sequence that controls the pumpkins.  Any help would be appreciated.


Big Al

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Creating channels for the ServoDog is no different than creating channels for any other LOR controller.  The ServoDog will have a different controller number than your existing controller.


There are several ways to do this.  What I would do is right click on your last channel and select "Insert Device Below"

Select Servo Dog for the device.  Fill in the box for the rest of the information.


Start sequencing...

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