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OK I am on my 4th year. Back in 2009 I got a hold of Kevin aka the demented elf. He put together some stuff for me and I was on my way.  Through out the following years, I had him do a couple of small tweaks for my display. Well now it it 2013 and figured I would re do it all. I got a hold of Kevin again. He has so much more stuff for our displays. He has DERN files (Demented Elf Radio Network), He has lots of new skits, and now he is also doing "YOUR RADIO". If you don't know what all this new stuff is you are missing out. I ordered a complete new package for my display along with 8 DERN's and YOUR RADIO. I ordered on a Saturday. I had everything back top me by Wednesday. Unbelievable. Everyone needs to add some Demented elf to your display. Go to his website and check out all the new stuff.




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