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Pixels suddenly stopped working


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I have a 150 pixel sign I bought from Holiday Coro.


I had it set up in my computer room and had it running fine. When I disconnected everything to take it out to the garage to test with all the other lights only the first 9 pixels are working, they run the sequence and all the other lights work. I checked the configuration file and it still shows there are 150 pixels on the string.


This actually happened once before but fixed itself as mysteriously as it started.


When I power on the controller without the computer hooked up a pixel or two further in the string will light up so there must be a connection to provide power beyond the first 9 pixels but there is nothing while running the same sequence that worked before I took everything out to the garage. Same controller, same wiring, same everything but somehow disconnecting it seems to have created an issue.


Any idea where to start to get the sign working again?

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The controller is a Sandevices E682.


And its the same everything, I literally picked everything up and moved it from my house to my garage where I have room to hang everything up so I can see it easier all at once.


I had all the same strings plugged into the same sockets with the same wiring. The only difference between having it in my computer room and the garage is the room needed to stretch out the strings. Inside it's all hooked up but kinda piled on top of each other, just not enough room to stretch everything out at the same time


As I said this happened once before when I took everything outside to put it in place where it will be this winter, when I came back into the house the sign wouldn't work past the first column and it just started working. Now I have the problem back after moving everything to the garage. Thats what makes it so confusing to me. Everything is hooked up the same.


Its strange to watch a scrolling sign when only one column is working as you can see those lights change color when they should but nothing else comes on :P

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Is this one continuous string? Might be possible you have a bad pixel. The bad pixel is not sending the data down the line. If you have spares, I would cut out the first two non working pixels and replace with 2 known working pixels

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I know you said everything is the same, so forgive me to just run through a few things. So, did you have your USB dongle plugged in before and now too? Did you open your control panel so that the E1.31 DMX listener will boot up? Is the control lights checked?

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Sorry about being so slow to respond, I work 6 days a week and spend most of the night trying to get a few songs sequenced, only get 1 day a week to actually hook to the lights with my laptop


Lets see if i can get these to link without blowing the place up :0


Controller .... I move stuff often enough I haven't done the stress relief yet.




Sequence on my laptop .... saw this someplace but can't remember where so i made a copy of my own...




And the sequence as it now appears on the sign ..





I thought about it being a bad pixel but didn't want to cut them out yet as this did happen once before and fix itself.


When it happened before I had been working in my computer room with the lights and sequencer, un-hooked everything so I could place all the light elements in my yard to be sure of cord lengths and then brought them back into the computer room and hooked everything up but the sign was doing the same thing it is now, got up the next morning and it was working.


This time I unhooked everything, took it to my garage to have room to spread the display out and now the sign is acting up... so far no self fix :P


These 150 pixels are a single string 10 high by 15 across running from bottom left, up the sign then down the 2nd column and back up ..........


They were workinig fine getting their power from one 29 Amp power supply from Holidaycoro. Could inject power but really it should run more than 9 pixels and half the controller as it had been prior to moving the display. I have tried unhooking the other universes from the controller but no change.

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