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Pixel Tree Questions

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I'm thinking about building a smaller pixel tree out of 8, 5m ws2811 pixels (halved, up and over to make 16, 2.5M strands)  Can anyone supply any commentary or downside to this? And a link to another forum with similar information or plans would be great....thanks!. 

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Very heavy duty, with the Uni-strut and steel cable! (looks like the work of an electrician :) ...)   Nice job, but not exactly what I had in mind.



 I wanted to make a full 360 deg. tree  with 8 full strands (up and over) to make 16 strands from top to bottom. So 5m/2 would be 2.5M; a little over 8ft. tall. I guess that would probably work. Does anyone have any comments as to spacing for a tree that size?

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