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The Fox by Ylvis

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So many requests, I almost feel guilty for asking, once I get papagayo figured out i will give back, 

Sure would be helpful to get one as well






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Hello, just wondering if I'd be able to get a copy? Daughter loves the song. Listened to her sing the song on an hr and half flight from buffalo ny to Phili pa. Thanks

Forgot email address...



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Can you please share it with me too? hx at lindestaf dot com.


Since there are a lot of people requesting it (and you're giving it away for free), would you mind posting it to the thread?





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I would like to do a "me too" and grab a copy, it's all my daughter has been asking for, but I am way behind, trying to get my new singing face setup...




Would love it with or without face, she just "luuuuuuvs" it (she is six, guess this is THE song for them)

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