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I created a show using the Simple Show Builder.

I guess I am misunderstanding how it should work.

I have 2 songs, then I selected to leave all the lights on.

It was my impression that it should play both songs, then leave the lights on until the next show (every half hour).

It currently plays both shows over and over and never leaves the lights on.

I did have to edit my 2nd song and shorten it. It would just play the 2 songs, then stop (lights would stay off.)



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I solved this by creating a new sequence called "all lights on". Through the sequence editor I turned all the channels, added a loop so the show would last 5 minutes. In the show builder I inserted "all lights on" first then added my other shows. The show starts with all lights on for 5 minutes then plays my shows, after the last show finishes the show goes back to the top and plays "all lights on".

Later, I updated "all lights on" to twinkle at the start and end. So it goes twinkle - Loop - twinkle.

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