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Cold Weather Lighting Set-ups

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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on a Christmas Lights Set-Up for upstate New York in the winter that uses RGB LEDs with the DMX controller and a bunch of String Lights and Icicle Lights on the side of my building.

I have some concerns about weather-proofing my gear and buying equipment that would hold up under lots of rain/snow and very cold temperatures.

Do you all have any advice about which RGB LED strips, String Lights, Icicle Lights to use and any heads-up about potential problems I should be aware of?





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Be sure electronics (controllers and such) used outside are weather protected. Lights should be okay.


The main thing you will have concerns when raining or melting snow if GFCI breakers. Not much you can do in those conditions.


Cold temps are usually not a factor.

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Being in Michigan I found that leaving the power supplies (Meanwell etc...) powered up ensured reliability and predictability of my E1.31 hardware outside when the show started.


I originally had them powering on 15 minutes before each show and found that sometimes they just didn't come back on, or if they do come on, they don't come back in a predictable state.  I suspect it may have been too cold and the timing between the E680 and my GECE pixels got hosed.

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Northern alberta resident here. I've seen temps below -50C and xmas lights continue to work. I'm not even taking the risk of keeping anything outside, all my controllers are located in my heated garage. Yes that's a lot of cords to run under the garage door but at least I know my controllers are safe from the elements and theft. Now just to see how the CCR's hold up against extreme cold.....

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