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Opto Isolator Testing


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I asked this question on the PC DIY Forum also, but this is probably the more appropriate place.

While assembling a LOR CTB16KPC board, I installed the Triac Opto-Isolator backwards (second time I have done this!). When I noticed the mistake, I removed the isolator, but it took some time to get it out of the board. Is there any way to test the isolator while it is out of the board with a meter to see if I damaged it by excessive heat? The isolator is a 400V, Triac opto-isolator, 6 pin DIP, part no. MOC3023.

I noticed the error before the board was ever powered up, but am concerned that I may have damaged it with heat from the soldering iron (25 watt) when removing it. Don't want to put it in and then have to remove it a second time

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