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FS: Dimmable, 5-LED C9 replacement lamps with string


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After living in a single story house for many years and doing red, green, and white along my ridge lines, we moved into a two story house and I don't really feel like doing all three colors like that anymore.  When I started out, I was using old fashioned incandescent C9's (requiring 100A of power!), then moved to C7 and C9 pro-grade strings, then moved to these C9 replacement LED bulbs using conventional C9 strings.  These C9 replacement lamps are THE way to go, by far... they are incredibly bright because of the 5 LEDs houses in each bulb.  It took some time, but the vendors finally came out with a dimmable version, and I jumped right on 'em...


I have 450 each of red, green, and white.  They are lightly used and every single bulb/string will be tested prior to shipping.  I can tell you that, out of nearly 1500 bulbs that I had, I typically had to replace somewhere around 5 each year... and they are easy to replace obviously... I always kept an extra 10 or so bulbs around just for good measure.


I would like to get $0.80 each for these and like I said, they are screwed into stringers already... so call that a no-cost bonus...


Yes, these came from our preferred vendors... I honestly don't remember which I bought these from.  They are identical to these:





90% of the strings are 25' long, 12" bulb spacing, so 25 bulbs.  Obviously, when doing ridges, sometimes I had to cut down strings (which you can do with these strings!) to get them to fit tight up to the ridge cap.


PM me if interested.


Thanks for looking.



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I am down to roughly 300 of the warm whites left.  The reds and greens were popular.  PM me if interested.

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Ok, scratch that, buyer for red and green backed out and there are roughly 125-150 of each left as well as the warm whites.

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