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Macro Maestro...newbie and failing.....!


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Ok, I loaded mm and I see how the program works  (ItsMeBobO), thanks for that !  I get the export part and I understand the Clipboard after reading thru all the posts.


I have 2 CCCr's this year and purchased one 2 CCR program from Super Star to ge me going in the right direction....so far so good. I exported that program from SS to LOR Sequence Editor and added that to an exsisting sequence I already had.


So now I want to use the Macro Tool to add some effects from my CCR's to exsiting sequences. (Sequences that have no CCR's in them ) So my question is what am I exporting the Macro Maestro to? An exsiting sequence..or do I have to create something in SS first and export the 2 CCR's then add my macro to those CCR's?



If this sounds confusing to those who know how to do this its because I am!!!!!...Help

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Seems from your description you need to export your revised config with your new CCRs from SE and then import it into all of your other sequences.  Then there will be a place to paste in each of them. 

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