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New Wireframe - Bush Eyes - for Halloween


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Here is an adaptation from my Singing Faces.

Basically, took the top eye portion, set it into the bushes and appears to have eyes looking out.

I'm calling it "Bush Eyes". I think this would be great to put on a motion sensor, so when people get near they light up.

I have these lighted with LED Rope Light. I also will have a set of Cat Eyes available soon.

These will be made on either on our interchangeable frame (you can then change the eyes) or can be made on a fixed non-changeable frame. I will also be offering the Eyes on Stakes so you can just stake them in the ground in the bushes.

The first photo is during the day to show how it is set in the bushes.
The Second photo is at night and taken from about 80ft away.

These are not up on my website yet, but if your interested just contact me.



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Is very skilled at his craft. I've picked up some snow flakes and toy Soilders from him and I have been very happy with them all. Great quality and communication. Give him a shot, he has some very unique items.


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