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Hi everyone!


First thanks to Lightorama for allowing me to post here. I'd like to announce my first product, "Frosty the Animatronic Snowman." Months of designing and building went in to produce it for the home and commercial market. You can check out the demo below, and visit the Season's Greeters Facebook page for more information. A new website is coming soon. The snowman will be available in a variety of packages to suit everyone's display needs. The snowman is controlled by the LOR Servo Dog, and we've been working with Monkey Basic, creators of TrackSkull, to allow the software to easily integrate into the LOR world. Programming is done in realtime using a IR camera, so your performance becomes the snowman's performance. The routine is recorded, and exported out to the sequence editor. It's the only way I've found to get smooth life-like movements, quickly and easily.


 I've featured animatronics in my home display since 2008. They've truly been a crowd pleaser, and helped contribute to my show approach. It truly is a concert like experience with semi-live performers that play all evening long.


The product line will be sold and supported by Holiday Technologies. Check out the video, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you!




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