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superstar arch test, Let's see what you can do

Ralph D

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Ok, While I am here tinkering around today, I was thinking a few years ago i was part of a thread that was a lot of fun and in return helped a lot of others because we all shared and added to it to make it bigger and better. So as I am learning superstar I thought I would do the same for anyone who wanted to join in and have a little fun. So I am gong to start off by offering this test sequence for 2 pixel arches. its about   46 second's long, and what i hope everyone dose is adds their flare to it and do your arch favorite moves. add as much or little as you like. Have some fun with it. and then repost it and let us know you did something. and if your move/ Morph or Scene has a name you call it, let us know, I think this should be a lot of fun. thanks to Don and Jim I re-learned how to do a arch handclap using superstar in two different ways now as a Scene and a morph. let's get this rocking!





ccp arch test 4.5.zip

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