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xlights/Nutcracker 3.1.0 Released. Major release


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Thanks to Matt and Frank we have a major release for you



1st, one of the biggest things i am proud of our team (Frank), there is a new single BACKUP option now.


Goto to "File,Backup" and every xml file you have will be created in the new Backup sub-directory under show show directory.

How big are xLight sequences? The xseq file for 12K channels is around 30mbytes, the xml of your sequence is around 30kbytes. As comparison the XML file for LOR for the same song is 800mbytes, for LSP 1.2gbytes. Because xlight sequence files are so small (normally < 50kbytes), we can back them all up quickly.

How long to back up over 100 sequences? < 1 second.

How much space does 100 sequences take? < 10 mbytes

How many times can you do this per day? 1000's. 

How to use this feature? Just do a "File, Backup" before getting new versions.

I would do a copy if you plan on doing lots of edits.  Basically get yourself protected.


So after upgrading to 3.1.0, go and make a copy before opening any sequences


2nd, Matt Brown came and helped us re-engineer the underlying architecture. This is like replacing the galvanized pipe with copper pipe on your home. Takes lots of effort, when you are done the house still looks the same. This re-architecture was needed to allows us to offer new fit to time frame option. With this option effects will be enhanced to do things like start and end exactly to the timing marks on a row. Wait for future releases to see how this is going to help. Trust me, you will like the new things coming.


3rd, Matt Brown has enhanced the preview screen so it is multiple times brighter than before. So much nicer now.


4th, Frank has made it so that when you select none, it will not overwrite existing data. Why do we care? This enhancement means a LSP person could sequence the first 30 seconds of a megatree (mark those rows as none,none in nutcracker). Now fill the rest of the sequence with nutcracker effects. The result? LSP effects will appear for the first 30 seconds, Nutcracker effects will appear for the remainder.


5th, Frank enhanced the right click process for protecting a cell. Before you had to get focus on the cell by left clicking (turned it yellow), then you could right click. Now just ricght click any cell, you dont need left click first


6th, Matt made it so effects are now listed alphabetically except for effects current under development (like the piano keyboard)


7th, Sean added Radial 3d Button. Click this button besides the Radial button to get new radial effects


8th, Sean, Matt, Sean. Found more division by zero errors, fixed them.


9th, Sean, For any  person who is pulling code and compiling it (Like MaterDaddy for Linux compiles). I have renamed repository nutcracker_c to be called xLights. Nutcracker_c was just a temp name I was using. I want everyone to remember we started with the xLights code base from Matt Brown in January of thsi year. Nutcracker is just one tab on xllights. People get confused is it xLights? Is it Nutcracker? All of nutcracker has been put inside of xLights so the repository should be called the same. Again thanks to Matt for making this all possible. So here is new repository: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights


10th, Please start to enter bugs into github so we can track them there. If you want to raise a bug go to https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues


11th, Meteors has been fixed by Matt's rewrite of the preview window. This means the normal Meteor effect is now working again. 

StarField still does not display on megatrees, it does work on other models.


So to our team, Great Work!


To our users, thanks for being patient with the many changes.


sean, matt,frank


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