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Update on Wire Frame D'Lites


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First, I would like to thank Dan for creating this area for vendors.


Second, I would like to let everyone know that due to the amount of current frames that I have to build, I will have to stop taking orders for this year very shortly as I can't guarentee delivery in time right now. It is a moving target right, because of a huge order that I'm working on and a pending order.


If you were planning on ordering, please contact me thru my website to see where I'm at building the current orders to see if I might be able to work in another order. I can't take any rush jobs.


Thank You to all of the support and orders as this has been an outstanding year and I look forward to helping you all put a lot of smiles on a lot of peoples faces.


Wire Frame D'Lites

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Wonder how many of those are Star's.. LOL


Great job for Dan making this hapopen on the forum.



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Doug, I am so glad to hear your are booked up on orders, which means things are goin good for you.

I remember when you first started out here (I think I was one of your first customers) on LOR forum and looks like your great service/products and customer interaction/loyalty has paid off and gotten you where you are today. 

Congrats my friend.



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Thanks for the kind words Tom. Those crabs were my first real order and I'll never forget making them.



We better explain "those crabs" to the public before they jump to conclusions LOL


Doug made me some wireframe crabs for a Deadliest Catch display I was going to put together with the passing of Captain Phil Harris. I requested the blessing from the Harris family to do a display in his honor but never heard back from them so I had to hold back on my plans and just sitting in the shop for now. Maybe some day.


So Doug, I still have "those crabs". Can't seem to get rid of them. :lol:

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Tom, I guess it was best to explain. LOL

You could make a Halloween display and call it the Attack of the Crabs. LOL


Doug, I think that was at the Midnight Movies back in the 70s :lol:


But... you know.... your idea has potential. :P

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Got it that time Doug.

You have some great pics of wireframes you built. Great job on them all !!!

Thanks for the kind words and the smooth welds that you saw on your frames is on all of them.

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As of now, I can't take any more orders for this year. Wow, this year has been great and I've already got orders for next year. Thanks Everyone.

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