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FS: Rope Light new and used (incandescent)


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Hey all,


I came across two Rubbermaid containers of rope light in my attic clean out and I want them gone... PM me if interested.




One Rubbermaid container were rope lights that I had used at one point or another, but they are all verified working.  They are all standard length (18 foot).  There are five (5) red strings, three (3) white and two (2) green strings.  I want $2 for each of these.


The other Rubbermaid container contained over a dozen sections each of red and green, between 8' to 12' long each (so 240 feet total).  A few years back, I decided to make a fancy Merry Christmas sign similar to one I had seen on these forums where each letter was a separate LOR channel.  I took it one step further and incorporated red & green as opposed to the single color the original person had done.  The sign came out
awesome.  The thing is... rather than buying a spool of red and green and cutting it up... I decided that it would be smarter to go to Target and buy their 18' rope light boxes... and 14 of them in each color...  Each of the letters generally only needed 1/2 of the 18 foot length, so I have a bunch of waste.  These are completely new sections and should be very useful.  Looks like rope light goes for around $0.50 a foot, I will take $0.10 a foot just to get these out of my garage.


PM me if interested.





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