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For those of you that are doing a Pixel Tree, here's a little tip for the visualizer:


The visualizer will assign channels 1-512 for a universe. We only use 510 channels from a DMX Universe. So, Where the Universe changes within the same prop or leg of a Tree, it assigns to the last pixel in that universe to:

R ch. 511 Universe 1

G ch. 512 Universe 1

B ch.     1 Universe 2

Change to"

R ch.    1... Universe 2

G ch.    2... Universe 2

B ch.    3 ...Universe 2


Do you see where I'm headed? These have to be changed to another value because the Major Pixel Controllers do this:

The Sandevices or J1Sys controller assigns Channels 1-510 per Universe.. Now here's how you do it. 


You'll have to go in and start with the pixels # where the Universe changed, and add 2 channel positions for each pixel channel all the way through 50, and it's a pain. I would suggest writing each one pixel channels down on a piece of paper, because you will get dis-combobulated somewhere along the way. I do every time if I don't write it down


Start with the Blue channel on each pixel, otherwise, the program will delete one of them, because red and blue will have the same channel assignment if you start with red and it will delete the channel value of one of them.


Anyway, Hope this helps,


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