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Argh! Song Drops Out Before End...

Mike E

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I have Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.

Programming all the channels until I get to what appears to be the end of the song, but the song abruptly stops about 2:38 when it should play to 3:20.


I checked the audio file and it plays all the way to the end.

I went to menu item: Edit / Media File / and picked the song again from my Audio file and... no luck.


I'm at a lost. Any ideas?


I've tried searching the forums but, as of yet, can't find any topics with the same problem.




Running LOR v3.9.0

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does your sequence go all the way to 3:20,,or does it stop at 2:38?   if it stops  you can change total time to extend it to 3:20

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Ahhh! Thanks! I changed the total time of my sequence and the music continued.


I have not had that happen before when I started a new music sequence. I was looking at the music as having the problem.

Of course, this is only my fourth sequence that I have ever created...


Thanks, again!

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