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Successfully converted computer PSU into 650 watt 12V source (single rail)!

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So I've heard about a few smarter people than I doing this sort of thing, but I decided to try it for fun today and it worked out great!


Picked up a 700 Watt PSU from a local Fry's for $69. Took it apart, separated the various voltages, soldered the green (motherboard switch) to a ground, sent two 12V feeds and one 5V feed through the hole, closed it back up, installed a 6 block terminal to the exterior of the PSU, gave myself an excuse to use, hence, justify my label maker, and walluh!


Used my voltmeter and verified perfectly stable voltages! Super cheap way of getting a 12V 650 Watt power supply (I was careful to get a PSU with a single 12V rail). If anyone else wants to try doing it and has any questions, let me know!





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Check out local thrift shops, neighbors, swap meets, etc. for old PC's.  Look for units that have a rocker ON/OFF switch in the back where the power supply(PS) is located.  (some PS's are controlled remotely from a front button- not desirable)


It is an easy job to remove the PS and use for your own projects.  There are plenty of How-To's on YouTube and a Google search of "hacking AT power supply"  will garner pages of results.


Get friendly with the repair tech at your local computer repair shop - I did and he was able to send a few unit my way.   You being near Silicon Valley- don't forget to check out the electronic swap meets/ flea markets in that area.


Nice neat job you did there.



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