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Need help with stage lighting filter for outdoor halloween lightning

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We're making lightning this Halloween using a combination of strobe lights and halogen lighting.   Last year, I was reading somewhere that someone was able to make the lighting hue more realistic by going to a stage show supplier and getting a blue filter that could handle the heat from the lights. 


I called my local theater supply store.  They have plenty of filters, but had no idea on which one I should use, and of course, neither did I.    They have a huge selection, and I cant afford to just keep guessing. 


Does anyone have a recommendation on which filter I should get?



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Try a Rosco 57 or 355. Gives a slightly purple/bluish color. They're about $8 for a big sheet.

While you're there, ask for a swatch book loaded with samples; they're usually free.

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Any of the Roscoe Gels (that is what they are called) will color the light and be able to handle the intense Heat. I have 36 Stage lights in the basement (brought the wattage down to 250 ea)

Pic Enc




The fun part is you get to pick the colors. :D

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