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RB03: Superstar Visualization Mode

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Report #: RB03

Superstar Sequencer

Software Version:

24_CCR Version v3.10.0.4 Advanced

OS Version:
Windows 7 SP 1

Description: Visualization mode;

  1. When trying to open a .sup file that was created in 3.9.0, this is the error: 


  1. Used 2 PCs with same operating system and happens on both machines. When trying to open on Machine 3, running the same operating systen but LOR v3.9.0, the file opens as expected
Edited by Ron Boyd
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A couple of other thing to note,

  1. If I open a sequence that was done in CCR mode, as opposed to Visualization mode, this does not happen. The sequence opens fine and as expected in v3.10.0.4.
  2. Also, if a previous sequence done in CCR mode is opened, and then import a different .lee file, no problems doing this either. Everything opens as expexted.
Edited by Ron Boyd
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Issue was solved through e-mail with Brian. It was a simple case of mis-placed visualization file.


This report is ready for closure.




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