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has anyone ever used just one arch in a display?  i'm working on my first halloween and i have 5 open channels.  i plan to have lights on the eve, around the windows and front door, two spider webs and five pumkins used to sing the songs. 


i planned on making five ghosts and putting them in a circle, but i don't 100% like it on the visualization.  so i'm thinking about making a five channel arch.  has anyone ever used one arc when starting out?  or will it look funny being by itself and not in a line of multiple arches. 

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I had planned to do two arches two years back using the sleeve method, unfortunately after I had gotten all the sleeves done (14 total)  and went to put them on the bent PVC I realized I used too small a PVC for the sleeves.  Walla they became two firesticks, I was happy and mama was happy!!

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